Our Project


How do you imagine European seas? Come and discover something you'd have never thought.
More than 70% of Earth is covered by water and Europe itself is faced  on four different seas that have contributed to define their cultural heritage, social and economical development since ancient times.
4 Seas is a project founded by the EC and implemented by a consortium that includes museums and research centres that are working actively on the seas. Partners come from Italy (Mediterranean Sea), United Kingdom(Atlantic Ocean), Poland (Baltic Sea) and Ukraine (Black Sea).

The project will see the realization of exibitions that will have as subject the marine environment, held in location chosen by each partner. Partners will also organize a lot of extraordinary events taking place both within the institutions, both in open air locations. 
This website will also offer the possibility to take a virtual tour  through  European Seas, to discover, interactively,  their history and their hidden secrets.
In this web site you will also constantly find updated informations and  interesting news; you’ll have the possibility to confront with the point of view of a naturalist; it will be possible to discover blogs, playing videos, resources, advice and many other tourist peculiarities to play an active role in the finality of the project.
It’s time to surf.